#AskTheRef: All the best bits from this week

Every Tuesday evening, operating under the handle @RFLReferees, Super League’s top whistleblowers answer questions on social networking site Twitter from fans relating to matches from the preceding weekend.

Here are some of the best questions and answers from last night’s session, which relate to games in round 26.

NB It is interesting to note that Chris Annakin’s tackle on Garreth Carvell, which caused outrage on our Twitter feeds and left the Castleford prop in hospital, was not mentioned once.

@WidnesFaithful: “Widnes was chasing the ball for a try and the bulls player pulled him back so why was it not a penalty? GLDO given.”
Robert Hicks: “On review should have been a pen thought was 6of1 half dozen of other dropout seemed fair but now agree with u.”

@RobBeezley: “rob hicks for 4th time in 5 home games, no variety! Explain?”
Robert Hicks: “You would have to ask the appointment panel not me unfortunately.”

@MOvertonHKR: “Did Mr Silverwood decide offsides were ok today? Henderson constantly off by 2 or 3 yards. No issue otherwise, for a change.”
Richard Silverwood: “He was dealt with same way as Adam Walker who was off a few times. Unless they make tackle then we play on.”

@Joseph_Burnsss: “Matt Cook Throwing a punch and doesn’t even get put on report! Explain???”
Matt Thomason: “Devils high tackle first offence, spoke with Matt regarding reaction, no need to put on report, dealt with there & then.”

@MRFTigerITFC: “Why has James Child seemingly ignored the fwd pass rule? Smith got away with five or six passes a foot forward .”
James Child: “I didn’t ignore the forward pass rule – there weren’t any. Just because fans shout “forward” doesn’t mean it is.”

@DavidSchofield1: “why was Stefan Ratchfords conversion not given when it clearly went between the posts.”
James Child: “It went over top of upright which is no goal. I was directly behind flight of ball & agreed with TJs.”

@Ollie1604: “how come James Child reffed 2 games this weekend?”
James Child: “Due to the unavailability of other refs.”

@darren73908774: “Why wasn’t the wakey player sin binned for the deliberate trip? Child saw it & gave a penalty but no sin bin Why is this?”
James Child: “Years ago a trip was automatic red but it’s now discretionary. Was a reactionary trip & penalty sufficient. MRP agreed.”

@JonathanHurst04: “Why wasn’t the Dangerous Tackle on Adam Swift Penalised in the Saints Warrington Game?”
James Child: “It’s not illegal to lift a player but for safety we call held as I did. If his torso had been taken beyond horizontal it would have been penalty.”