Brian Noble explains Toronto Wolfpack role

Toronto Wolfpack director of rugby Brian Noble admits he’s hugely excited to be part of the new League One side – and said Super League glory is the dream for the ambitious Canadians.

Noble was confirmed as a key part of the Wolfpack setup at the launch on Wednesday, with Paul Rowley working as the club’s head coach.

And the former Great Britain boss said that he’s hugely ambitious about it.

“I was asked basically. I bumped into Adam Fogerty who I’ve known for years. I met Adam over a couple of breakfasts, went to see David Argyle in his apartment in London alongside Eric Perez, and I thought I’d love to be a part of it,” he said.

“It’s brand new – I’ve done a lot of things in the game but to be involved in this and to take something from nowhere is exciting. Old Trafford is our ambition so it’s hugely appealing.

“I’m very ambitious as we all are. We really want to do it the right way and build it the right way and I’m an expansionist at heart, and it’s fresh, it’s a new land and it’s exciting for this sport.”

Noble also insisted that he would like to see a number of Canadian players in the squad from 2017.

“It doesn’t work for me if there isn’t a Canadian influence,” he said.

“We’ll have to work out the numbers but I’d be disappointed if we don’t have five or six Canadians eventually but with the speed we want to go at we’d need some substantial players. We’ll have six trials in major USA and Canadian cities trialling people who want to be part of it.

“If you have a dream you’ve got to dream as big as you can. If you speak to everyone involved their goal is Super League – and once you’re in there, you’ve a chance of winning it.”