Brown confident Widnes can defy critics

Kevin Brown has again shrugged off the criticism aimed at Widnes by Garry Schofield.

The former Great Britain captain recently wrote in his League Express column that he expected Widnes to finish bottom in Super League this year.

That caused plenty of animosity at the time with Brown responding to his comments, something he has now repeated.

“I’ve not seen or heard anything other than Garry Schofield saying we’re going to finish bottom,’ he told TotalRL.

“I’m not bothered if he says we’re going to win it or lose it; I turn up every day with a smile on my face so it doesn’t have a bearing on how I play.

“If everyone’s predicting us to finish bottom then there’s probably something in it, but we finished ninth last year and we’ve been in Super League for four years now – I’m pretty confident that if he wanted to bet me on it, he wouldn’t bet that we’d finish bottom of the league.”