County championship schedule to be reshuffled?


BARLA Three Counties officials could rejig the County Championship programme following the postponement of this Sunday’s fixtures between Cumbria and Yorkshire at Open Age and Under 19s.


The games have been called off because of a waterlogged pitch at Egremont, and Cumbrian officials hope to stage the matches at the same venue on Sunday 22 November.


However, that date had been designated for the Lancashire v Cumbria matches and Three Counties bosses, mindful that poor weather has been forecast for several days in the far north-west, are considering sticking with that schedule, with Cumbria’s home games to be played later.


BARLA International Chair Mick Turner said: “We can’t beat nature. If we have adverse weather next week in Cumbria, we need to get the fixtures in Lancashire played and out of the way. I have no problem with this if everybody is in agreement.”