FEATURE: The 60-year history that could end on Sunday

As most Rugby League fans are now aware, England stand on the brink of history this weekend, when they lock horns with Australia at Melbourne’s AAMI Park in the Four Nations.

A win for England would guarantee them a spot in the final of the Four Nations, where they would likely face New Zealand in two weeks time. However, the significance of defeat for the Australians is perhaps even greater, with an astonishing run of dominance coming to an end should they lose on Sunday.

For 60 years, the Kangaroos have made the final of every single international tournament they have featured in, spanning from World Cups, right through to Tri and Four Nations series.

It’s an incredible record for the Australians to be defending, which almost adds even more spice to the game between the two sides on Sunday. Out of interest, here is that incredible record that Australia have put together over the last 60 years – which could all come grinding to a halt this weekend.

World Cup 1957 – Champions
Cameron-SmithWorld Cup 1960 – Runners-Up
World Cup 1968 – Champions

World Cup 1970 – Champions
World Cup 1972 – Runners-Up
World Series 1975 – Champions
World Cup 1977 – Champions
World Cup 1985-88 – Champions
World Cup 1989-92 – Champions
World Cup 1995 – Champions
World Cup 2000 – Champions
World Cup 2008 – Runners-Up
World Cup 2013 – Champions

Tri Nations 1999 – Champions
Tri Nations 2004 – Champions
Tri Nations 2005 – Runners-Up
Tri Nations 2006 – Champions

Four Nations 2009 – Champions
Four Nations 2010 – Runners-Up
Four Nations 2011 – Champions