Fitness the key to Wildcats victory for Smith

Wakefield head coach Brian Smith praised Featherstone Rovers – after their facilities helped the Wildcats come from behind to defeat their neighbours 22-18.

The Wildcats have been using Fev’s exceptional training base in the build-up to the 2016 season, a cruel irony for Rovers who surrendered a 12 point lead before falling to a late defeat.

And Smith admitted that it was Wakefield’s additional fitness that ultimately saw them prevail.

“Our boys look so fit and strong and we did finish the game off, which is what we should do as full-time players,” he said.

“We came back 16 unanswered points today to win it so all those things were encouraging.

“To be fair Featherstone were terrific.

“They played really enthusiastically and I’m pleased for them. We’re neighbours and I’m long time friends with Jon (Sharp) from my days coaching him at Hull.
“Mark Campbell, the owner here is a tremendous guy. We’ve got a great relationship and I hope it is the start to a really great season for Fev. We’d really like to see them do well. There’s a lot to be admired about the way the club is run so I hope they do well, but not as well as we do.”

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