Five things to expect from Good Friday

One of the biggest days in the Super League calendar is almost upon us, with sixteen fixtures up and down the top three tiers taking place on Good Friday.

Over the years, the day has treated us to some of the most memorable, exciting and scandalous moments of the Super League era, and with a bit of luck, this year’s installment will be absolutely no different.

Here are just five things you can expect to see at a Rugby League ground near you on Friday.

A spectacular try

Every year, the fixtures on Good Friday provide us with enough try of the season contenders for the entire year. With the quality and athleticism improving every season, you can expect to see a number of players trying to outdo one another to get the Good Friday bragging rights.

A good, old-fashioned brawl

Hull KR vs Hull FC, Saints vs Wigan and Warrington vs Widnes. Here are three games that never fail to deliver in the quality of rugby, but also in the other type of tasty exchanges we see on the field.

Not the we condone it, but we have seen some real slobber knockers in the past, namely a bruising brawl between Saints and Wigan in 2003.

The RFL are obviously, and correctly, against it, but there is no doubting that a bit of biff gets the crowd pumped.

A dodgy refereeing decision

Hopefully this doesn’t come to fruition, but there’s always a controversial call that seems to determine one of these fixtures.

Forget what the fans tell you, because almost all the time the officials do a wonderful job. But just like the Magic Weekend, refs do seem prone to the occasional clanger on Good Friday.

For the sake of our readers, we hope your club doesn’t suffer!

Sellout crowds

This is absolutely nailed on, with the games at Warrington and St Helens already being sold out.

As for the rest, if they don’t get filled to capacity, crowds will still be healthier than usual, which should make for some cracking atmospheres.

Someone moaning about the Easter schedule

Oh wait, it’s already happened!