Greg Bird fined for public urination

Greg Bird has been fined for urinating on a police car less than 24 hours after getting married.

The Australia and New South Wales star, 30, was charged by Byron Bay police on Sunday evening around 7.45pm.

“My wife and I caught up with friends and family at The Beach Hotel on the Sunday night for dinner after which we went to our car parked down near the beach, actually adjacent to a police car,” said Bird, who married Becky Rochow, sister of Knights forward Robbie Rochow, on Saturday.

“I stupidly and regretfully went to the toilet in between the two cars, in the space facing away from my family. I know it was a stupid and dumb thing to do but I really want to emphasise that I didn’t intend to disrespect anybody and I definitely didn’t do it on the car.

“I’d like to apologise to the club and its fans, anyone I may have offended but especially to my wife, Becky. It’s put a dampener on our wedding weekend and I’m incredibly embarrassed and disappointed in myself.”

The NRL’s Integrity Unit was informed of the incident by Birds’ club – Gold Coast Titans – and their disciplinary committee will make a recommendation to the NRL about what action to take.

“Obviously this is very embarrassing from the club’s perspective, it’s unacceptable from the club’s perspective,” said Titans CEO Graham Annesley.

“It’s good that Greg has offered his public apologies, we’ll continue to talk with the NRL and we’ll hold a club disciplinary committee meeting later this week so that we follow due process.

“We have the option to consider anything that is appropriate under the terms of the contracts. I don’t want to forecast what might happen, there’s a committee in place to deal with these matters.”