Happy 119th birthday, Rugby League!

Mention the year 1895 to any Rugby League fan, and they’ll immediately tell you the significance of it. However, did you know that today – 29th August 2014 – is the 119th birthday of the greatest game?

That’s right; it was exactly 119 years ago on this very date that Rugby League was born – and we think that’s something worth celebrating! Twenty-two clubs from across the North of England sat down at the legendary George Hotel in Huddersfield to form the Northern Union, and give birth to the game we all know and love so much.

Since then, thousands and thousands of clubs around the world have joined those twenty-two clubs in playing what we all regard as ‘the greatest game of all’. So here’s to 119 years of rich, fantastic history – let’s hope the next 119 are just as exciting!

The twenty-two clubs and their years of foundation (in alphabetical order) were: Batley FC 1880, Bradford FC 1863, Brighouse Rangers FC 1878, Broughton Rangers FC 1877, Halifax FC 1873, Huddersfield FC 1864, Hull F.C. 1865, Hunslet FC 1883, Leeds FC 1864, Leigh FC 1878, Liversedge FC 1877, Manningham F.C. 1876, Oldham FC 1876, Rochdale Hornets FC 1871, Runcorn RFC 1895, Stockport RFC 1895, St Helens FC 1873, Tyldesley FC 1879, Wakefield Trinity FC 1873, Warrington FC 1875, Widnes FC 1875, Wigan FC 1872.