McGuire: I have to take responsibility

New Leeds Rhinos captain Danny McGuire believes he must adapt his game after taking on the role as the team’s leader.

McGuire will lead the Rhinos out for his first competitive game as the club’s official captain against Warrington tonight.

But even though McGuire has been one of the seasoned pros at the Rhinos for a while now, he insists he will have to tweak his behaviour on the field.

“As a half-back you are almost a captain anyway,” McGuire explained to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“I am quite bossy and I am used to bossing the lads about, but I realise I have got a bit more responsibility.

“I will have to be a bit calmer at times, but that is my personality. I play with quite a bit of passion and I am proud to play for this club, but I also realise I might have to rein it in at times.

“I am not going to change too much, just enjoy it. I have got plenty of players around me who are experienced and understand it, so I will be getting a lot of help along the way.


“I realise now I have probably got to set a bit more of an example around the lads; I can’t be losing my head as much.

“But I am not going to try and change too much, just do my role in the team. Everyone has got their own way of going about things.

“I am going to try and do it my way, realising I have picked up a lot of great things that Kev has done along the way.”