Old Trafford is better than Wembley, says Brown

St Helens boss Nathan Brown believes the club are “back home” by returning to Old Trafford this Saturday, and has said that for him the Old Trafford showpiece tops walking out at Wembley in a Challenge Cup Final.

The Saints are back at Old Trafford for the first time since 2011, when they lost the fifth of their five consecutive defeats in the Super League Grand Final. And Brown believes that as an Australian, the Grand Final is the one that really matters, and the club are back where they belong by walking out there this coming weekend.

“When you’re an Aussie, Old Trafford is better than Wembley,” Brown told BBC North West Tonight. “A lot of English people will take Wembley for the tradition, but from a pure Aussie point of view you’ve always had Grand Finals there, and that is what you strive to.

“Old Trafford, for St Helens, was just the done thing and for the past two or three years the fans haven’t had the opportunity to come.

“The fact that St Helens are back at home, in some of the fans’ eyes, is great and a reward for the club.”