Powell focused on Hull following derby victory

Daryl Powell spent little time celebrating Castleford’s victory over Wakefield, instead focusing on his side’s next game against Hull FC.

Castleford picked up their first win of the season in a comfortable 40-6 victory over their West Yorkshire rivals on Sunday.

However, Powell was reluctant to bask in the glory of his side’s derby victory, instead focusing on the in form Airlie Birds.

“There is time for us to prepare for the trip to Hull, and we’ll probably need it, because they’ve started really well.

“Super League as a whole has started well this season, with some surprising scorelines. That’s what the sport needs, I think, although Leeds may not feel that way after losing heavily at Widnes! I’ve told our players that it proves that if you turn up with the wrong attitude you’ll get beat.”

Powell did go on to praise his team’s efforts against the Wildcats.

“We were good with the ball after a shaky start,” he said.

“I thought we were very good defensively, and we’ll have to be in our next two fixtures, at Hull and against St Helens.

“Several of our players looked very sharp, particularly Luke Dorn. He has pace and skill plus a high-quality decision-making game.

“The fields are soft right now because we’ve had some rain, and that suits our forwards. I like our pack, we’ve got a bit of variety up front. Andy Lynch had a big game in his first outing of the season, and I was pleased, too, with Nathan Massey off the bench.”

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