Super League needs Bradford Bulls, says Harrison

Bradford Bulls assistant coach Karl Harrison says that whilst he’s under no illusions about earning the right to get promoted, Super League is a competition that needs the Bulls in it.

The club will compete outside of the top tier for the first time in Super League history in 2015, after relegation from the competition in 2014. Harrison has joined coach James Lowes in a new-look backroom setup at the club for 2015, following a spell in charge of Halifax.

And he said that whilst the Bulls are clearly a big name in the world of Rugby League, they will still have to earn any potential promotion that may come their way.

“The goal is to go straight back up and the Super League needs Bradford Bulls up there,” Harrison told the Yorkshire Post.

“But you have to earn the right. Look at my football team, Leeds United. The Premier League would be a far better competition with them in it, but they’ve not been there for 11 years.

“You have to do the nitty gritty to get back up there.

“Just because you have a big name doesn’t guarantee you anything and we’re fully aware of that.”