DEBATE: The best composite ‘treble-winning’ team

Next month’s issue of Rugby League World will, amongst other brilliant content, feature a lively debate on which of Super League’s three treble-winning teams was the best.

We make a case for each of them, although the final decision rests with you, the reader – as always!

But, to whet the appetite ahead of that must-read article, we’re stoking the flames and attempting to pick our all-time 13 from those three sides: Bradford’s 2003 bunch, the St Helens class of 2006 and this year’s Leeds Rhinos side.

Who makes the cut, and who just misses out? It’s been a tough call in the office to whittle it down – but here’s what we’ve gone for.

Below are the teams that played in all of the Grand Final winning teams from each year – along with a few notable absentees (due to injury or selection). From there, we’ve gone with the best 13 we could come up with – using the interchange players too if applicable.

It’s also important to note that players playing in the same position (eg. left wing or stand-off) cannot be picked in an alternative position (eg. right wing or scrum-half). So to that end, Lesley Vainikolo and Ryan Hall cannot BOTH get in the team, for example – nor can Sean Long and Danny McGuire.

We have also taken each individual on their form in the treble-winning year ALONE – not throughout their entire career.

Bradford: Reardon; Vaikona, Withers, Hape, Vainikolo; Pratt, Deacon; Fielden, Lowes, Vagana, Peacock, Gartner, Forshaw.
Subs: Anderson, Radford, Pryce, Paul.
Notable absentees: Gilmour, Naylor, Langley
Coach: Brian Noble

St Helens: Wellens; Gardner, Lyon, Talau, Meli; Pryce, Long; P Anderson, Cunningham, Cayless, Gilmour, Wilkin, Hooper.
Subs: Fa’asavalu, Graham, Bennett, Roby.
Notable absentees: Fozzard, V Anderson, Sculthorpe.
Coach: Daniel Anderson

Leeds: Hardaker; Briscoe, Watkins, Moon, Hall; Sinfield, McGuire; Garbutt, Burrow, Peacock, Ablett, Delaney, Singleton.
Subs: Leuluai, Cuthbertson, Keinhorst, Walters.
Notable absentees: Jones-Buchanan, Aiton, Ward.
Coach: Brian McDermott

The best treble-winning team ever?
Zak Hardaker (Leeds)
Tom Briscoe (Leeds)
Jamie Lyon (St Helens)
Shontayne Hape (Bradford)
Lesley Vainikolo (Bradford)
Leon Pryce (St Helens)
Sean Long (St Helens)
Stuart Fielden (Bradford)Keiron Cunningham (St Helens)Jamie Peacock (Leeds)
Jamie Peacock (Leeds)Lee Gilmour (St Helens)
Adam Cuthbertson (Leeds)